Import Receipt Bank Data 

Receipt Bank needs to be set up in Agrimaster before the feature can be used. If you have not set up Receipt Bank, please see this article.

  1. Click Cashbook  image009.png
  2. Click Transactions  image011.png
  3. Click Import Invoice  image013.png
  4.  Under Select Company, select Receipt Bank from the list then click Import and Create Transactions 


  5. The Select File screen will be displayed. Under Files, select the name of the file that contains the saved invoices (receipts) imported from Receipt Bank.  Click the green tick to import  image021.jpg
  6. Click Yes to confirm the import image022.png  
  7. Click OK to continue  


  8. The Edit Cashbook Transaction screen will be displayed. Edit the transaction(s) to the correct codes, enterprise, allocation and description as needed  
  9. Click the green tick to save the transaction 
  10. If there are more entries you will now need to edit these. Continue until you have edited them all. 
  11. Click the black cross to finish.  
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