Setup Dext Prepare

Dext Prepare (formerly known as Receipt Bank) is a subscription-based online service and app for smartphones.  

The Dext Prepare app allows you to use your smartphone to photograph invoices and receipts which are then converted into a CSV file.  This CSV file can be downloaded from the Dext Prepare website and imported into Agrimaster to assist you in recording your invoices & receipts quickly & easily. 

Save the CSV files to C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\Invoices on your computer to import into your Agrimaster software. For more information please refer to the Dext Prepare website.  

Once you have arranged your subscription complete the setup of Dext Prepare within Agrimaster.  

There are two methods to setup the import of invoices and receipts from Dext Prepare into Agrimaster. With the Agrimaster software opened, follow the below instructions:  

Method 1 

  1. From the Home Page, click Setup & Tools.
  2. Click Import Export Data.
  3. Click Import Receipt Bank Setup.
  4. The Import payments from Receipt Bank will be displayed.
    •  Invoice Folder: Invoices imported from Receipt Bank will be stored in C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\Invoices by default.
    • Default Bank Account: Select the account where the invoices will be applied.
    • Payment Suspense Code: Suspense Payments will be selected by default. Change as necessary.
    • Select the destination of imported data: 
      • Import RECEIPTS to: Select Transactions.
      • Import INVOICES to: Select Cheques/EFT/Accounts Payable.image007.png
  5. Click the black cross to close the screen.  

Method 2 

  1. Click Cashbook.
  2.  Click on Transactions.
  3. Click on Import Invoice.
  4. Select Receipt Bank from the list under Select Company then click Edit Setup.


  5. Go to Step 4 from Method 1 above. 
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