Set up a New Employee in Wagemaster / Wage Easy

To pay employees and maintain their records, employee records need to be set up.

Before setting up a new employee record, the below areas need to be set up first:

 To create a new employee record: 

  1. From the Wage Easy Payroll menu, click Employee > New Employee Wizard 


  2. The wizard will open. Click Next 


  3. Click Next
  4. Fill in the boxes with the employees details as shown in the example below

    Note: the fields highlighted with the red boxes in the following steps will need to be filled in before you can continue  


  5. Click Next
  6. Leave the employee number as it is and click Next
  7. Fill in the employee’s address details as shown in this example. Click Next 


  8. Select the appropriate department for the employee (if you only have one, click Next


  9. Fill in the employment information 


  10. Click Next
  11. Choose a payment method. If you choose Bank, select the bank your employee uses and fill in the details. Click Next 


  12. Select the appropriate tax table for the employee from the list and fill in the employee’s tax file number. Click Next 


  13. Select a Superannuation fund from the dropdown list and enter the employee’s Superannuation fund member number. Click Next 


  14. Click Finish at the completion of each record 



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