Setup NEW Employees

After creating the base pay rates, super funds, and banks in Wagemaster, the employee records can be created. The Employee Wizard is accessed through the employee drop-down list. 

Before creating the employee first check that you have:

  1. Created a new Base Pay Rate for the employee(s)
  2. Created a new super fund (unless the new employee is with the same fund as someone else)
  3. Created a new bank (if necessary)
  4. Decided the relevant tax tables for the employee & set up if required
  5. Created any new allowances required for the new employee
  6. Created a new award (if required).

You are now ready to create the employee

  1. Click EMPLOYEE
  3. Click NEXT
  4. Follow through clicking NEXT until you have completed the screen for the first employee
  5. Click the FINISH button at the completion of each record

Once completed, the employee record can be accessed by: 

  1. Click EMPLOYEE


The information entered through the NEW EMPLOYEE WIZARD will be enough to produce a payslip. Some employees may need additional information recorded. By clicking on the appropriate button in the EDIT EMPLOYEE screen, you can cater for further additions and amendments. 

Additional information for each employee may be necessary under the following categories:

  • Tax information, including Rebates, Medicare
  • Additional Superannuation Contributions
  • Selection Allowances
  • Nomination of a Union
  • Additional pay Destinations
  • Next of Kin
  • Alternate contact details
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