Share Agrimaster files using m:drive

These instructions are only valid for Agrimaster versions up to and including 6.3.54

Share your Agrimaster files using m: drive with anyone else who has an Agrimaster user number, such as your accountant or farm consultant. 

Before you share a file, we recommend you back up the file to m:drive. Refer to Back up to m:drive for instructions. 

  1. Log on to m:drive
  2. From the Save Backup Online window, click the Manage Shared Access button 


  3. The m:drive – storage summary window will open. Click the Manage Shared Access to data files button 


    NOTE:  If your plan does not allow sharing, the following window will appear.  Please contact Customer Service for assistance. image003.jpg

  4. The m:drive– Manage Shared Access window will open. If you have a slow internet connection, it may be necessary to click the Refresh List from Server image004.png button to update the information displayed.  Click New        
  5. The Set Shared Access window will appear. Fill in the details below: image005.png
    • User number provided: Enter the user number of the person with whom you wish to share the file
    • Name you provide: Enter the name of the person with whom you are sharing the file. The name you provide is optional and makes it easier to recognise the profile you have set up for sharing your data file
    • Data file they will have access to: Select from the drop-down box the file you wish to share with this person
    • Allow them to UPLOAD your data file: Check the box to allow the person you are sharing with access your data file, make changes and back up again to the online storage
    • Notify when data file is saved: Check the box if you wish to be notified when this data file is saved by this person
    • Email address for notification: Enter the email address for notification if you want to advise the person you have shared with that you have backed up to m:drive
    • Colour code for this save: If you have more than one share you may wish to colour code them so you can see them more easily in your share list
  6. Click the green tick to return to the Manage Shared Access window
  7. To share another file, restart from Step 3. To complete sharing, click the black cross to return to the M:drive - storage summary window
  8. Click the black cross to return to the m:drive
  9. Click the black cross again to return to the Backup restore window
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