Back up to m:drive

These instructions are only valid for Agrimaster versions up to and including 6.3.54

Use m:drive to back up your file(s) to Agrimaster’s secure server. You manually complete the backup.

Note: you can set a reminder to back up which appears as you close the program but you must still manually logon and complete the backup as detailed below.

You can easily access or restore your backed-up data anytime.

  1. Log on to m:drive
  2. The Backup to m:drive window opens, listing all files on your computerimage009.png
    • Click the file you want to backup to m:drive
    • Click the the green tick
  3. When you see the Backup Online window, click Yes


  4. The Online Backup Successful window will be displayed when the backup process has been completed. Click ‘OK’ to return to the Backup to m:drive windowimage012.png
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