Setup Base Pay Rates

This article is for users wanting to setup Base Pay Rates in Wagemaster. You can watch our video tutorial below:

This video covers:

  • What is Base Pay Rate?
  • How to work out a Base Pay Rate amount
  • How to create a Base Pay Rate in Wagemaster


The Base Pay Rate is used to calculate each employee’s pay. Base Pay Rates must be setup before setting up the employee record.

Please note: If you Edit a pay rate (i.e. a line on the screen below), all employees on that pay rate will now receive the new amount as their Base Pay Rate.  

To set up a new Base Pay Rate:

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Base Pay Rates.


  3. Click Add.


  4. Enter a description and the new Base Pay Rate.
    (See below table on how to calculate the base pay rate)

    • Description: Enter a generic name to identify the group of workers who will be paid this rate.
    • Amount: Enter the rate your worker will be paid. This will be displayed to 4 decimal points.
    • Code: Leave blank.
    • Click OK.

How to work out a Base Pay Rate:

  1. What is the pay period the employee is paid on in Hours? e.g. 80 (2 weeks at 40 hours per week).
  2. What is the Gross Pay for this period? e.g. $1000 per fortnight.
  3. Divide the figure in the Gross Pay Period by Hours for the period.
  4. This is your Base Pay Rate (1000/80 = 12.50).

Please Note: If your employees work on a piece rate, e.g. fruit pickers/shearers, then you can use the taxable allowance option.



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