Create A New Tax Table

For most employees, a tax rate can be a selection from the options provided by the ATO. Others may need to create a customized tax table.


This method cannot be used for Working Holiday Makers.

To Setup A Customised Tax Table: 

  1. In the Wagemaster, click Setup > Tax > Tables.


  2. Click Add.


  3. The Add Tax Table Details window will display.
    • Description: Type a meaningful name in the description e.g. 20% tax.
    • Weekly Earnings (x) Less Than $: Type a large figure in the weekly earnings(x) Less than $ box e.g. $99,999.99. 
    • a: Type the percentage figure that you require as the employee’s tax rate (for example 0.20) for 20% tax.
    • b: Leave box b empty.
    • Click OK to complete.


Next Step:

Setup Bank Accounts 

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