How Safe and Secure is m:drive?

Events such as fire, flood, theft and malicious viruses and hackers can damage or destroy our valuable personal and business financial files and data stored on our PC.

Having a disaster recovery plan in place is essential because even backups on a flash drive, thumb drive or external hard drive are not necessarily the best option because they too can become corrupt or damaged.

To minimise this risk, m:drive was developed and made available as part of your subscription.

What exactly is m:drive?

  • m:drive is a secure online service which means it uses the internet (also referred to as ‘Cloud’ storage but it is still a computer on the ground) to back up, restore and share your file(s) via a secure Agrimaster Server (computer)
  • Your file(s) are sent to a secure site which has multiple automatic backups to other computers so your data cannot be lost
  • Your data is securely stored off-site (for disaster recovery purposes it is isolated from your PC) but you can retrieve it from any location where you can access Agrimaster
  • Your data files are encrypted to increase the level of security
  • Only you can access your file/s from m:drive using your Agrimaster User Number and your Password (unless you share the file(s) with your advisor, consultant and/or accountant)
  • Not even the Agrimaster staff can access your file(s) (unless you share them).

m:drive security

  • m:drive is made up of a ‘bank of servers (computers)’ and there are multiple automatic backups to other computers so your data cannot be lost
  • Should a hacker manage to access our secure server, the data is encrypted, plus
  • The only way to open an Agrimaster file is using a registered and activated copy of the Agrimaster software.

We strongly recommend that you start using m:drive today. It only takes a few clicks to safely secure your file(s). You can even set reminders in Agrimaster to back up to m:drive.

Learn more about m:drive.


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