Internet Banking Troubleshooting: Creating Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments

This guide should assist you to troubleshoot and resolve issues and queries encountered with Internet Banking in relation to the Agrimaster program. This guide covers

  • Creating Electronic Funds Transfer Payments (EFTs) within Agrimaster to generate an ABA file for uploading (refer to this Video for the actual procedures)

Before attempting to troubleshoot, ensure your Internet Banking Setup is correct. Read Set up Internet Banking

The types of issues and errors you may encounter are as follows:

I cannot locate the ABA file to upload

  1. Check that you are looking in C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\Netbank for the file called netpay.aba
  2. Note: Always review the file to ensure that is contains the correct payment details before you authorise the payment at your bank.

There is no EFT button at the Electronic Funds Transfer, Accounts payable, Cheques window

  1. Check that you have activated the Internet Banking Setup
  2. At the Home Page click Setup & Tools > Internet Banking Setup > Internet Banking Setup
  3. Complete as pictured above

I’m getting “The Business Internet Banking export file was last modified on [Date] at [Time]. YES – DELETE existing file before exporting. NO – ADD new transactions to existing file”

The message is for you to confirm the overwriting of the old/previous ‘netpay’ file. If you wish to cancel the EFT, click Yes, then use the subsequent warning (picture below) to cancel this transaction.


I’m getting the error “Payee Account Number not on file or incomplete for [Name]. Either remove this payment from the export list or go to EFT ACCOUNTS to enter the missing data” In Agrimaster

This means there is no BSB and/or Account Number set up for the named party

  1. On the Home page, go to Setup & Tools> Cashbook Setup> Names
  2. Update the missing details 


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