Internet Banking Troubleshooting: Importing Transaction File for Reconciliation

This guide should assist you troubleshoot and resolve issues and queries encountered with Internet Banking in relation to the Agrimaster program. This guide covers

  • Importing your Transaction File (statement details) for Reconciliation (refer to this Video for the actual procedure).

Before attempting to troubleshoot, ensure your Internet Banking Setup is correct. Read Set up Internet Banking

The types of issues and errors you may encounter are as follows:

I cannot locate the transaction details, search function, download function or format options on the bank site

You need to refer to your bank for assistance.

Note: Unfortunately, each bank has its own method. We do not provide specific support for the various bank sites on how to locate and download your Transaction File (statement details) because we do not have access to those sites for Security and Privacy reasons.

You should be able to locate a Transaction Search Function, enter a date range for the month you wish to reconcile and export/download using either a dedicated Agrimaster format or a generic Comma Separated Values (CSV) file type.

Important: Do not download statements because they are generally in a PDF format and Agrimaster cannot read/import that format.

I am unable to get the Save As… option when trying to save my bank statement to c:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\Netbank

  • Use a recommended browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox because these browsers allow you to save the downloaded file to a specific location
  • When downloading, make sure you use the ‘Save As’ option to save the file to C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\Netbank
  • You may rename the file (e.g. Cheque Sept or Loan Oct) but do not change the file type – it must be the CSV file type otherwise Agrimaster cannot read the file
  • If you do not see the ‘Save As’ option you need to check and amend the browser Settings – look for the downloads section and select/turn on the option ‘Ask where to save before downloading
    For Google Chrome download setting instructions, click here
    For Mozilla Firefox download setting instructions, click here
  • While in the Download Settings, remove or cancel any option to automatically open files you download otherwise, even if the bank site option you selected was a CSV format, any files you download will automatically open in MS Excel format and Agrimaster cannot read/import that format.

I’m seeing error “No transactions for this month and bank account were found on the on-line banking export file. Check that you have downloaded from the bank and exported the data in the normal manner.”

  • There may be no transactions for this month: check the Reconciliation Month and that you have selected the correct month to download; or
  • There may be no transactions for this bank account: check the bank account and that you have selected the correct account to download.

I’m getting the error “The selected file is of the wrong format. Suggest accessing [Bank Name] and re-exporting the file.”

  • The file may not be the required CSV file type format: check the file is a CSV file type

Important: Do not ‘Open’ the file itself as that may change the format from CSV. You can check the file type in File Explorer (AKA Computer/This PC) by right-clicking and selecting Properties.

  • If the bank site option you selected was a CSV format but the file type in Properties is MS Excel, you may have a setting that automatically opens files you download. Refer to the Browser section above.
  • Check the bank account download format option on your internet banking site matches the required download format option. Refer to the setup in Agrimaster below
  • The setup in Agrimaster is incorrect: Check the bank account in the Agrimaster Internet Banking Setup matches the required download option.

Note: some banks have multiple options.

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